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Margareta Tanase
I had the pleasure of working with Eniko for more than 5 years and I liked her solution oriented approach in different kind of legal situation we faced whether it was on a contract, a trial, or a matter of labor law. Having a close collaboration, I can testify that throughout the period there was no wrong solution, an unfulfilled term.
Eniko always finds fast and efficient solutions and implements it in a record time. She has innovative ideas, is very creative, and full of resources, and has always focused her attention on the benefit of her clients.
Also, based on her foreign languages abilities, she has been able to gain the appreciation of her colleagues at the Sanofi group worldwide.
I highly recommend her interpersonal skills she has developed many standing long term relationships based on trust, respect and affection.

Margareta Tanase

Director Operatiuni Industriale


Monica Dumitrache
I had the opportunity to start collaborating with Eniko as my attorney when I needed a good professional to help me prove the international kidnapping of my child and win the exclusive custody case, which is nearly impossible to obtain in Romania.
Eniko is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. I was always informed when Eniko worked on my case and I always felt like my problem was in very good hands. She continuously kept me updated, she’s extremely well informed, very organized, was able to answer any of my questions with extremely competent arguments, always gave me very good directions and suggestions.
Eniko is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods and proved a very strong background in highly delicate and complex cases.
By Eniko I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and I was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. Eniko fought hard for me and my child. She went above and beyond and did everything she could to ensure a great outcome.
With her vast knowledge, experience and professional attitude I highly recommend Eniko as lawyer and consider her nothing but the best lawyer in Romania. Eniko is not only a great lawyer, but also a very good life coach, that any client could need when struggling with difficulties due to different situations.
Thanks to her package of qualities she won my case and achieved the best results possible.
I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.
My child and I are eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Eniko without reservation.

Monica Dumitrache

Analyst Financiar


Puica Paula
This is a recommendation made from the heart, maybe I did not include or highlight all your professional qualities, but you impressed me for the first time as a HUMAN!
Although we have never met in person, you trusted me and accepted my case, which was by no means easy or less complicated. From here it can be seen that you do not back down if you encounter a difficult situation, rather you take it as a new challenge. I love the confidence you have in yourself and I’m glad you passed it on to me. You have a gift that I don’t know if you are aware of, the gift of working with people. When you decided to support me, you showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. Besides the fact that you represented me, you also supported me morally, which meant a lot to me. It is not easy to find a lawyer who also knows international law. You are a pleasant surprise that combines them all: you are empathetic, involved, a moral supporter, a very punctual representative of trust and a good connoisseur of international law… from my point of view, you have it all. I believe that you can help all mothers to know their rights and be their guardian angel as you were to me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your collaboration and as I said before, if I see mothers in the situation I was in, I will wholeheartedly recommend you to work miracles with others as well. When I talk about you, I realize that I could write a novel and it still wouldn’t be enough to describe how special you are. I would like as many people as possible to know about you and at the same time call with confidence. I believe that God works through people, and in my case he is the best example. An international case with a high degree of difficulty, a country that left the EU with recently changed laws, a minor in the middle and you still made the impossible possible. You have all my appreciation and I will call on you whenever I need!

Puica Paula

Receptionist hotel- Londra

Lavinia G
I am divorced and I am raising my only daughter. I am writing my story to encourage other mothers who are going through similar situations, not to let themselves be easily defeated, to fight for what they and their children need and to look for the right person for to be helped.
In 2021, my little girl was in 4th grade, we moved from the area where we stayed, to another part of the city and we couldn’t transfer the girl, because we didn’t have the father’s signature, who doesn’t show any interest in the child We don’t keep the office in any way because they don’t care. I left the secretariat crying, I also called the Ministry of Education and there was nothing I could do about the transfer to the school in the current area…
That’s how I found lawyer Eniko. From the first discussion I felt that she was the lawyer I needed, through your profession, the person who gets involved and does everything in his legal power to help me and get what I needed .
He explained to me from the beginning what the risks were and we started the “transaction road” which also involved your moving from Bucharest to Timișoara. I want to specify that I had some obstacles along the way from my father’s side, but Ms. Eniko gave the proof professionalism every time and knew how to solve the situations. I affirm this and support it because I have had in the past in other situations where I was represented by a lawyer, but I did not feel they were as professional as Mrs. Eniko and I really recommend her with all confidence.
The girl’s father did not ask for a visitation schedule upon divorce, the alimony was set at 200 lei/month, but he paid it every now and then, although he was even forcibly executed for alimony in the past…, we have been divorced for almost 8 years and yet he had the right to decide on the child, a fact that put me in difficulty.
Mrs. Fulop had several discussions with the father, she managed to make him understand to sign, she formulated the transaction very well, which she also mentioned
Mr. Judge and that’s how we managed to get exclusive custody of my little girl. This means that I can transfer to another school at any time, I can send the girl to camps, we can go on vacation together and the result gives me a lot of peace of mind. Yes, I have succeeded! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, lawyer! Thanks !
I recommend you with all confidence!

Lavinia G

civil servant -Timișoara

Cornelia Mandrea
For several years, when I went home to my parents house in Ialomița County, I was very upset to see my brother struggling with the same problem. This struggle was ongoing for more than 10 years, without a solution. He took out a loan of 22,000 CHF and after 10 years, in which he continously paid a significant amount from the familys’ income on a monthly basis, he realized that he still owed 18,000 CHF to the bank. This was despite the fact that he had tried to find an agreement with the bank in order to offer him an option not to collect the penalty interest in addition to the large difference he had to pay due to the evolution of the exchange rate.

I called Eniko, I have known her since 2009, and I knew that apart from the fact that she is a lawyer I can trust, with a very professional approach, she is also empathetic and puts her soul into what she does. She sent the claim to court in a few days and we started the trial. This year, in 2020 September, we had the defintive decision, after we won both the first stage and the appeal, and my brother out of the 17,000 he still owed in these 2 years, remained with 9,000 CHF. He instantly earned over 8,000 CHF in less than two years of trial.
Dare to fight for your rights, my brother in less than 2 years, had a final decision. He never went to court, everything was solved through our lawyer. Eniko told us from the beginning what the chances of winning are. We really appreciated that she explained to us in our understanding what a aspects of the credit agreement we can challenge. We did not paid our lawyer any travel expenses, drafting , all kinds of miracles, which everyone mentions that were due.
I consider that the misbeliefs everybody has over the judicial system needs to be reconsiderered, Don’t be discouraged, it is really possible to win! As my brother says now, he also sees the silver lining. It seems more feasible now that he will soon get rid of this debt, which has robbed him of many of his dreams for more than 10 years. And this is due 100% to Eniko to whom we are grateful.

Cornelia Mandrea

Recruitment Team Leader, HR Business Partner

Kruk Romania

Anneliesse Valeria Popescu
Eniko has been of tremendous help in navigating the confusing “waterways” of the family court system of Romania. She embodies professional calm, integrity and determination.
Not to mention her integral knowledge of the issues of family law.
All lawyers should aim to posses these qualities.
Our case passed smoothly thru the court system with positive results.
Thank you so much dear Eniko!

Anneliesse Valeria Popescu

Art Consultant Chicago

Dorel Tunaru
I had the honor to meet and collaborate with Ms. Eniko Fulop in a complicated case, in a very difficult litigation process of requiring from one of the major assurance companies in Romania, material and moral damages for a car accident with caused the death and injury of many physical person.
Our Lawyer, Ms. Eniko Fulop is very professional with a strong character, a lot of common sense and empathy, I would define her as a true lawyer.
I am greateful that she had patience and enormous courage and thanks to her involvement I won the litigation in all three juridical stages ( Bucharest Tribunal , Bucharest Court of Appeal and High Court ). I am so gratefulto her and I highly recommend her . She is a Professional in the field of litigation and civil law. I wish her the best for her career.

Dorel Tunaru