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Labor Law

Individual and collective labor contracts, internal regulations and job descriptions…

Commercial Law

Due to the fact that many clients sign contracts on a daily basis, and the risk…

Insurance law

Claims concerning the construction of the damage file,  direct negotiation with insurance companies

Banking legislation

Litigation with abusive clauses, litigation regarding appeals against execution…

Pharma law

Authorization requests at the National Agency of the medicinal product..

Administrative law

Negotiations with the authorities regarding the resolution of a dispute, even the conclusion…


Margareta Tanase
I had the pleasure of working with Eniko for more than 5 years and I liked her solution oriented approach in different kind of legal situation we faced whether it was on a contract, a trial, or a matter of labor law. Having a close collaboration, I can testify that throughout the period there was no wrong solution, an unfulfilled term.

Margareta Tanase

Industrial Affairs Director


Dorel Tunaru
I had the honor to meet her and to collaborate with Ms Eniko Fulop in a complicated case, in a very difficult litigation process of providing material and moral damages for a car accident with the death and injury of many physical person.

Dorel Tunaru

Cornelia Mandrea
As my brother had problems with his ongoing credit agreement, for several years I have called Eniko in December 2018. I’ve known her since 2009, and I knew that apart from the fact that she is a lawyer I can completely trust, with a very professional approach, she is empathetic and puts a lot of soul into what she does. She sent the claim to the court in a few days and we started the trial. This year in September, we had the definitive decision, after we won both the first stage and the appeal, and my brother out of the 17,000 CHF pinstantly recovered over 8,000 chf in less than two years.

Cornelia Mandrea

Recruitment Team Leader, HR Business Partner

Kruk Romania

Anneliesse Valeria Popescu
Eniko has been of tremendous help in navigating the confusing “waterways” of the family court system of Romania.

Anneliesse Valeria Popescu

Art Consultant

Monica Dumitrache
I had the opportunity to start collaborating with Eniko as my attorney when I needed a good professional to help me prove the international kidnapping of my child and win the exclusive custody case, which is nearly impossible to obtain in Romania.

Monica Dumitrache

Financial analyst