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  1. Multinational corporate project Next (Czech Republic, France, Romania, Turkey)
    Subject: Harmonization of contracts at European level within the Sanofi- Zentiva group

The project was a pilot project that wanted to build a computer network whereby contracts, bills, orders of a company are strictly linked at group level through an IT system developed on the principles of European law, with the specialization of systems where needed on each country.
In this respect, lawyer Eniko Fulop, representing Zentiva and Sanofi Romania, was responsible for the legal part, both with the elaboration of the project at European level, with its particularization for Romania, as well as with its implementation. The project was a huge success, being further implemented in more than 15 states within EU.

  1. International Tutelage – Monika Dumitrache vs. Litigation Dario Silvestri- (Romanian mother, Italian father, child on Russian territory)
    Subject: international kidnapping, international guardianship

Ms. Eniko Fulop, representing the mother of her child in the tutelary litigation, obtained her ultimate tutelage of Dario Silvestri. She also assisted the client in meetings with prosecutors, the Foreign Ministry, even drafting the Transaction presented to the Romanian ambassador and the Italian counterpart in order to settle international disputes.

  1. Case of Bunceanu vs. Uniqua assurance company – moral damage of 200,000 euros obtained
    Subject: moral and material damage resulting from the accident of death and physical injuries damage

Moral damages of over 200, 000 euros had been obtained from a car  accident  happened in 2013, which resulted in the injuries of two people and the death of two others.
After the first litigation won before the Bucharest Tribunal, and subsequently before the Bucharest Court of Appeal, on 9th of  February 2016, the High Court of Cassation and Justice franted for  parties Bunceanu Ovidiu, Brandibur Nicolae, Brandibur Marina and Serban Mioara represented by lawyer Eniko Fulop, to  receive total damages of over 200,000 euro for bodily injury and death.

  1. Phare project Reform in the field of civil servants’ legislation ”

A project carried out during 2007-2008 within the National Agency of Civil Servants, Eniko Fulop lawyer was part of the group of lawyers who were in charge of the reforms on the legislation of the civil servants.
She proposed the modification of the civil servants’ career and worked with lawyers and  senior civil servants as part of the organization of the development professional training courses at Essex (England).

  1. Collaboration with the Embassy of Romania in Albania

In a complex project of licensing marketing drugs, Ms. Eniko Fulop, representing Zentiva Romania, collaborated with the representatives of the Embassy of Romania in Albania and, through the joint efforts, achieved the factual re-evaluation of the existing bilateral treaty between Romania and Albania, and the abrogation of apostles requested unfairly  by the authorities in Albania.