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On May 28, 2020, a week after my birthday, I received a phone call with an interesting question. The lady with a very warm voice asks me if she called Fuloplawyers. The next second they put me on the speaker, and her husband shows up. They present themselves as the   Simmons family and explain that they are American citizens, with permanent residence in Germany, temporary residence in Romania, and they want to hire me to represent them in the process of obtaining a visa for a 2-year-old girl, their niece, from South Africa, and then start the international adoption.

All this in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, when the entrance of foreign citizens in Romania is restricted.

The little girl, as strange as it seems, have suffered up to her 2 years, more than adults in a lifetime. The father and biological mother gave up their parenting rights 1 month after her birth, both using drugs, and the father was repeatedly arrested for violence and having restraining order against his own family. From 1 month old she was raised by her paternal grandmother, who is over 70 years old, and with health problems, also taking care of another 14-year-old child.

I asked them for a period of 2 days to check first if I was competent to get involved in the story. An administrative and legal procedure was followed to prepare the file, but although everyone assured me of support, including the Romanian Embassy in Pretoria, everyone told me that such cases happen and children end up in state placements.

A period of 3 months followed in which South Africa was in isolation, and even if in Europe the restrictions were lifted, travel was excluded. On October 1st the restrictions in South Africa were lifted, and my client, in despair and without hope of any result regarding the girl went to Africa just to help, ignoring the warnings about the crime rate there, excepting the 14 days isolation, meanwhile her husband gets the virus in Cluj- Napoca.

I was in Covasna one evening, and my family encouraged me to call Maria, a friend from Hague. She reconfirmed that there was nothing to do legally, but advised to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and if I care about the child’s fate, present the story as a plea , and show them that the child’s life is actually in danger every day.

The auditions at the MFA, in front of two different departments took place in October, but I did not expect a miracle. Sometimes from the reactions from the court we anticipate the results, but here beside compassion, I did not read another emotion and I felt without resources at the end of the day.

In about a week we receive the result and the 2-year-old girl receives the essential travel permit in Romania.

For the second time in 15 years of my career I cried for a professional result.

A not very easy procedure followed, with the visa documents, later to inform the Ministry of Interior, respectively the Border Police, being an odd case.

On December 22, they arrived in Romania, and that Sunday they informed me about their settling.

I think the satisfaction I felt was almost as great as the peace and harmony within my  own family, certainly a second Christmas present.

I believe that these children have a special mission, the little girl escaped with her life countless times, and it is our obligation if she is in our power to help them.

Finally she has the emotional, financial, stability, security, and the right environment to grow up with two parents, who love her and have struggled a lot to have her with them, and when she grows up and has her years of revolt, maybe she’ll read this article and appreciate the efforts made to bring her to Europe.